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Your Satisfaction

Ensuring that we deliver the best services to our clients is crucial for us. This is why we created a department dedicated to the satisfaction of our clients

You Enjoy many Advantages of using our services

Economical - We are more cost effective because we know how to correctly pack to ensure zero damage.

Packing - We have the appropriate packing materials and the cost includes all the packing and unpacking.

Credibility - Each member of our team is qualified, disciplined and dedicated to accomplish and maintain a lasting relationship with our customers by providing a level of quality service efficiently and effectively to help ensure a safe, worry free transition of your possessions. Safety - Our moving team is comprised of expert packing crews as well as experienced truck operators who are trained in furniture handling techniques and safe-driving practices.

Network - No matter where you are moving to, TES offers you countrywide delivery network from source to destination - a service offered by very few in the business.

Claims - Tirupati is perhaps the only household goods movement company in India to provide settlement of claims if any, in the event of unforeseen contingencies.